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Cantonese Commissioned Course

Cantonese Commissioned Course 

The Chinese Language Centre offers non-credit-bearing Cantonese commissioned courses for non-Cantonese speaking Research Postgraduate (RPG) and Taught Postgraduate (TPG) students of the university. The courses are tailored to meet the needs of faculties/schools with the aim of helping students communicate, interact, and discuss with the local community in Cantonese in their daily lives and participate in campus activities.


Upon completion of the courses, students will be able to communicate in basic Cantonese, understand the basic characteristics of Cantonese dialect, learn the phonetic structure of Cantonese, and have a better understanding of Chinese and the local culture.


Our Cantonese Commissioned Courses are currently offered to RPG and/or TPG students in the Graduate School, the Business School, the Department of Social Work and Administration, and the School of Chinese.


For information or collaboration opportunities on Cantonese Commissioned courses, please contact the Chinese Language Centre at

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