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Congratulations to our graduates in the class of 2016~2018! They have chosen to use the Cantonese song “Man6 Ngo5” (Ask me) as a tribute to the teachers, and to summarise their many sweet memories of the graduation day as well as during the whole learning journey.

This is part of a student presentation of a two-person drama.


“John" and “Mary" were discussing about taking photographs.

Our students are wishing one another happy Mid-Autunm Festival with big smiles on their faces. The beautiful toys on their hands are Chinese paper lanterns, which are must-have in this festival together with mooncakes and a full moon.


The celebration of traditional Chinese festivals is always a good chance to let our students get a real taste of Chinese cultural activities and practise Cantonese speaking together.

The four characters “花好月圓" (faa1 hou2 jyut6 jyun4) in Cantonese literally means “beautiful flower and full moon“.


This piece of art is written by one of our graduates, who has not only gained fluency in Cantonese, but also learned about Chinese culture and found his passion in Chinese calligraphy.

The song “Zuk1 Fuk1 Nei5” (Blessing you...), which the students are singing in Cantonese, is a popular festival song that you can hear everywhere during the Chinese New Year. They love the lyrics very much, as it wishes people joy, prosperity, career advancement, and even attaining the truth, goodness, and beauty (“daat6 dou3 zan1 sin6 mei5”)!

At the opening ceremony of the Certificate course, our recent graduate came back to HKU to share his valuable learning experience with other students.


He is one of the winners of The Professor Ma Meng Prize in Chinese Language, which is awarded annually to four students who have attained the best results in class.

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