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We had experienced teachers who were patience, fun and energetic. They taught us a wide range of vocabulary and sentences which we can use in workplace and everyday communication. At the end of the chapter, we will be arranged in authentic conversation with classmates to improve our speaking skills and confidence. 

My class teacher had created all sorts of activities for us to practice speaking skills. I found the presentation activity is the most challenging one. We not only have to make sure the pronunciation are corrected, also able to make use of the words and sentences that we learned in the class.

We learned Chinese efficiently in a fun and casual way because our teachers created lots of different useful scenarios for us to practice our conversation in a daily activity environment. We were given worksheets, flashcards etc to reinforce our Chinese after class. So we always able to refresh what we learned and keep our Chinese on tract.

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Our teachers will bring our knowledge into life by offering chances to interact with native speakers to improve our personal performance and communication skills.

I started my course from complete beginner level.  This course has theme based units to help us developing our all around Chinese skills. It is interesting, up to date and fun to learn in a Chinese speaking environment. 

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