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Academic Year 2022-23

The CLC Chinese Help Desk (CHD) provides UGC-funded students with a variety of services to help them develop their Chinese (Mandarin/Putonghua) language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The CHD is a valuable opportunity for both local and international students to reinforce what they have learned in Chinese language courses, and to communicate with the teachers on various topics to improve their Chinese proficiency in the various skill areas. 

Types of CHD service:

  • 1:1 consultation

  • Themed workshops


Latest News

  • Starting from Feb 24, you can begin booking CHD's service which will be available from Mar 1 - 31, 2023


General Information

  • We will deliver the 1:1 consultation face-to-face mainly (or online through ZOOM if requested). You may mark your preferred mode of consultation in Supplementary Information.

  • We will inform you the mode of consultation and venue/ zoom link after the confirmation email is sent to you. Please contact if you did not receive it before the consultation

  • You may book THREE sessions (CHD-1:1 consultation or group consultation) per week

  • Each CHD-1:1 consultation session lasts for 30 minutes (at the maximum) (25 mins consultation + 5 mins online survey)

  • CHD is available for students of HKU’s UGC-funded programmes only.  If you are a student of a self-funded programme, CHD is not able to serve you

  • Students can book three sessions (CHD-1:1 consultation or group consultation) per week and select their preferred advisors or peer consultants starting from semester 2, 2022-23

Online Booking System (for 1:1 consultation or Workshop)

Rooms (face-to-face 1:1 consultation/workshop) (Only for booked consultation/workshop)

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Themed Workshops:

1. The Chinese script workshops for beginners

In the workshops, we will figure out why Chinese characters look the way they do, and how a Chinese character has been put together. We will practice recognizing and writing them as well. (The Chinese characters in the workshop are based on the CHIN9501 course.)


Date and Time:​​

  • Workshop (2):

    • Sessions 1: Mar 22, 12:30-1:30pm (Wed)

    • Sessions 2: Mar 22, 14:30-15:30pm (Wed)


(Please note that the workshop on Mar 15 is cancelled)


Host teacher: Ms. CHEN Jia, Jade


Book a spot@ CHD Online Booking System


Eligible students:

  • Any beginner and elementary level students of HKU UGC-funded programs

  • CHIN9501 and CHIN9502 or equivalent level are welcomed

2. PSC Preparation “普通話水平測試”系列輔導

Workshop Series輔導安排:

3rd Meeting: March 15, 4:00-5:00pm (Wed)

1. “普通話水平測試”的詞語項目的應試技巧

2. “輕聲”和“兒化”等發音難點的重點訓練

4th Meeting: March 22, 2:30-3:30  (Wed)
          1. “普通話水平測試”的詞語項目的應試技巧
          2. “一”、“不”和第三聲變調的重點訓練


Host teacher: Ms. JIN Jian 靳老師


Book a spot@ CHD Online Booking System


Eligible students:

  • Any local students of HKU UGC-funded programs

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Points to Note:

  • You must use your OWN University ID to book the CHD 1:1 service. You will be asked to show your ID when you attend consultations. No consultation will be delivered in cases where the HKU ID of the person attending does not match the UID under which the consultation was booked.

  • Feedback will not be given to students who fail to attend their booked consultation.

  • You must make your reservation at least one day before the consultation

  • Please send documents you would like to discuss during the consultation, if any, to the consultation teacher at least one working day (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) prior to your scheduled consultation.

  • The workshops require minimum numbers of 3 participants and we will cancel a workshop due to low bookings

Cancelling the consultation:

  • If you would like to cancel the timeslot for 1:1 consultation, please inform the consultation teacher 24 hours before your consultation by email.

  • If you would like to cancel the timeslot for group session/ workshop, please inform the Chinese Language Centre ( 24 hours before the consultation.

  • If you fail to cancel the timeslot at least 24 hours before your consultation, and you do not attend the consultation, then you will be recorded as absent. If you are absent from two CHD sessions without a valid, documented reason (e.g., illness), you will not be able to book for any consultations, and any future sessions you have already booked will be cancelled.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Meet Our Team

陳佳Chen Jia.jpg
Ms. Jia Chen
Ms. Yuying Yang
Peer Consultant
Ms. Jian Jin
Mr. Moxuan Luo
Peer Consultant
Photo for CHD.PNG
Mr. Alex Chan
Project Coordinator
Ms. Ning Xu
Peer Consultant
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