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 Prof. Richard Van Ness SIMMONS   史皓元教授

Prof. Richard Van Ness SIMMONS


  • Professor & Director, The Chinese Language Centre (CLC)

  • Email:


First, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all who are visiting this page, most especially our current, former and prospective students. We are here to encourage and support your avid interest in learning Chinese and exploring Chinese culture from the vantage point of Hong Kong, where the language and culture distinctively flourish. Your hard work and devotion to study underpin our efforts to provide a premier center for you to pursue your interest in those areas. Second, I wish to express my enthusiasm for our superbly qualified and dedicated staff (listed below) who provide a rich and full curriculum of topmost quality. Our teachers are earnestly focused on offering lively and engaging courses at the highest standards that can successfully advance language proficiency and help you achieve your goals as quickly and as solidly as possible. It is my distinct honor and pleasure join this team as the recently appointed Director of the Chinese Language Center. Going forward we will work together to continually update and improve our offerings and further enrich our curriculum. Among our current efforts is a proposal to provide a minor in Chinese as a Second Language at HKU, so as to give International Students and non-Chinese speaking local students a highly attractive and advantageous option to pair with their major in another field. Over the long term, our aim is to develop the Chinese Language Center into a leading venue for the study, research, and teaching of China’s prestige urban languages and dialects with special emphasis on the multifaceted and vibrant linguistic and cultural milieu of Hong Kong and its surrounding region.

Instructional Staff
Dr. CHAN Yan Yan Lena  陳欣欣博士

Dr. CHAN Yan Yan Lena


DONG Xu_profile picture.jpg
Ms. NG Wai Hung  吳慧鴻女士

Ms. JIN Jian


Ms. CHEN Jia Jade  陳佳女士
Ms. KUN Hoi Kan  管海瑾女士
Ms. SUNG Ka Yee Rosa  宋家怡女士
Ms. Chen Yunjia.jpg
Dr. LEE Wing Kin Benson  李詠健博士
Ms. YANG Hong Grace  楊虹女士
Ms. Chow BC.jpg
Ms. MAN Wai Chung Sindy 萬慧中女士
Ms. YEUNG Yuk  楊煜女士
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